Your Wedding

White, cream or ivory – which colour is for you?

Your wedding day is your day to shine.  You want to emanate that unique beauty which brides are renowned for but how can you be sure of that special glow?

It is in the colour and tone of your dress, the right coloured make-up and the right coloured hair.

Our experienced Colours Consultant will assess your natural skin tones to determine which seasonal palette of colours you belong to. This is a standard colours consultation but also extends to the right shade and tone of wedding dress, your best make-up colours, as demonstrated in our complimentary make-up session, and your best hair colour. A person normally looks best in their own natural hair colour, however, highlights to enhance your natural colour can certainly liven it up.

Getting the colour right is the first crucial step towards choosing your wedding dress but the style is equally as important to achieve the ‘wow’ factor and a lasting impression in the guests’ minds.  Our Styles consultant will not only establish your most flattering styles, based on your bone structure/body shape, but she can also recommend your best hairstyle for the big day – should you wear your hair up or down, on the face or off the face? (This is a standard styles consultation, extended to best wedding dress styles). 

There are a huge array of wedding dresses to choose from.  Knowing your Colours and Styles simplifies the process and ensures that you will get it right.

If you would like to be guided when shopping for your dress, our Personal shopper can take you on a shopping trip to remember where she will help you to choose your dress based on your unique colours and styles combination.

The Bridal Party

Our image consultant can help with advice on colour schemes for your wedding which blend with your seasonal palette.  Whether you would like your bridesmaids dressed in the same colour or their own colours (based on their colour palette), our image consultant can help with some recommendations.


We offer styling packages for the Bride, the Bridal Party, including the groomsmen, and the Mother of the Bride.

Your colours gave me the confidence to find the perfect wedding dress

I had my colours and styles completed for my wedding. Your colours gave me the confidence to find the perfect wedding dress. Then on my big day, Your Colours came to my house and did not only my makeup but also my bridal party including my mum and mum in law. I’d recommend Your Colours to all my friends and family. I carry the colour booklet they gave me around in my handbag and use it every time I go shopping.


I bought my dream dress very easily

Knowing exactly what colour and style to go for narrowed down the options and meant that I bought my dream dress very easily. I never wavered on my choice and felt so special on my wedding day, knowing that I looked my best with the dress, makeup and hair colour. I can only highly recommend the service as the best value investment you can make on your fashion future.

Your Colours wedding
Your colours wedding

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