About Us

Then and Now – a History of Your Colours

Lyn Kendall, Perth fashionista and wife of highly acclaimed Australian artist, Peter Kendall, discovered Colours technology after a friend returned from an overseas trip looking amazing. She asked him what his secret was and he explained that he had received a “Colours” consultation whilst in the UK. Lyn was fascinated and began researching the topic of personal colours. Within two weeks, Lyn was on a plane to Canada, best friend in tow, to train intensively on Colours technology and personal styling.

Lyn had always loved make-up and clothing and was passionate about making people feel good about themselves. In 1984, she realised her dream by bringing the technology of Colours to Perth and today, in 2018, Your Colours is still helping the women of Perth to bring out their inner Goddess.

Jenna and I are excited to bring Colours and Styles into the 21st Century. My name is Debbie and I am a writer, published author and have a background in marketing. However, I have a passion for fashion and beauty and love to market what I am passionate about. Having had my Colours done in the 1990’s, in Bon Marche Arcade, I know firsthand the value of this technology. I am lucky to see it applied every day in our salon and it is always so lovely to hear the comments from clients as they discover their seasonal colour palette and what this will mean to their wardrobe. Jenna has grown up around fashion, her mother having trained in textiles and design. She had her Colours done, in Bon Marche Arcade, when she was just twelve years old and has carried forward a love of fashion. Jenna is an avid personal shopper and has a strong interest in helping others to discover their inner beauty and style through Colours and Styles consultations. Many ladies have commented on how amazed they are at the clothes Jenna selects for them – clothes they would never previously have selected – which turn out to look fabulous. Katie has just joined our team and is already proving to be a fast learner. She has studied all the of the materials and is currently learning the Colours and Styles procedures. Lyn’s husband entrusted me with the task of carrying forward Lyn’s legacy into the future and I intend to do just that.

Our most popular services are – ColoursStyles and Personal Shopping