About Us

We are a group of Personal Stylists who are passionate about helping people to look and feel beautiful and discover a new confidence to go out and achieve their goals. 

Your Colours opened its doors to the people of Perth in 1980 and since this time it has grown from strength to strength. Most people know us from our previous location in   Bon Marche Arcade, Perth. Our salon is now located in Mount Hawthorn.

Lauren is a Personal Stylist at Your Colours. She has completed a degree in Personal Styling, has been through the full Colours and Styles training line-up at Your Colours and also holds a Diploma in Screen and Media Specialist Make-Up. 

Teresa is a Personal Stylist at Your Colours. She has extensive experience in the clothing industry and visual merchandising. She has managed the selection of fashion collections for retail stores and styled fashion displays and windows. Teresa had her Colours done at the Bon Marche Arcade salon about 20 years ago and has created her own unique jewellery collection inspired by the four seasonal colour palettes. Teresa has completed the full Colours, Styles, Wardrobe Planning and Personal Shopping training line-up at Your Colours.

Alex is the Deputy Salon Manager at Your Colours and has a background in PR, event management, styling, fashion and make-up. She loves bringing communities together at events and styling people for photo shoots. She is trained in make-up application and is currently training as a Colours Consultant at Your Colours.

Debbie is the Salon Manager at Your Colours. She is a writer, published author and has a background in business and marketing. She had her colours done over twenty years ago, at the Bon Marche Arcade Salon, and understands firsthand the value of the Your Colours technology. She is developing the Your Colours brand in the 21st century and works on product development, new initiatives and forming collaborations with like-minded businesses.

Reaching out into the community and enlightening people on the value of knowing their colours is part of creating a new 21st century Colours movement and is a strong goal of ours.

Our most popular services are – ColoursStyles and Personal Shopping

Personal Stylists