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Your Colours was the vision of Perth fashionista, Lyn Kendall, in the 1980’s. After noticing how amazing a friend looked, following a trip to the UK, she asked what he’d done. It turned out he’d received a colour analysis and the reason for his glowing look was the colours he wore. Lyn was inspired and took off to Canada with her best friend to train in colour analysis. They returned and Your Colours Perth was born.

The Your Colours salon, situated in Bon Marche arcade for 30 years, became somewhat of a Perth icon. Our studio now resides in the city suburb of Wembley.

In the 1990’s, Debbie Weetman stumbled across Your Colours and had a colour analysis consultation. She went from wearing her usual black to embracing her own unique palette of Colours and hasn’t looked back. She is a writer, published author entrepreneur and trained colours consultant. After a stint organising marketing, for Your Colours, Debbie became the second owner in 2018.

Debbie is passionate about sharing the knowledge of colours and styles with the ‘everyday’ woman. She made standard training in colours and styles analysis a priority for Your Colours’ staff. The result was Image consultants who had certainty on establishing the ‘right’ seasonal colour palette for a client and the best cuts in clothing based on bone structure and body shape.

Debbie continues to develop the Your Colours  brand for the 21st century and works on product and service development, new initiatives and forming collaborations with like-minded businesses. 

When you visit our studio you will meet Rebecca who will take you on a memorable colours and styling journey. She is fully trained and apprenticed on our whole service line up – Colours, Styles, Wardrobe and Personal Shopping and brings a wealth of knowledge to our consultations after working in ladies’ fashion for many years. She had her Colours done at Bon Marche Arcade in 2006 and loves shopping, clothes and makeup plus sharing style and wardrobe organising tips!

Your Colours is about helping people to look and feel beautiful and discover a new confidence to create a wardrobe which suits their lifestyle.

In addition to our services, we have created a beautiful range of custom-made make-up, Your Colours Cosmetics, to complement our colour analysis. This is available to purchase from our salon or online store and a complimentary make-up application is included with our Colours Consultations.

Our most popular services are – ColoursStyles and Personal Shopping

Your Colours

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