Dressing with confidence is about wearing the clothes you love and feeling comfortable in them. However, shopping for clothes isn’t always an enjoyable experience.  You need a dress for a special occasion and you walk into numerous dress shops and are faced with a huge range of choices.  How can you narrow it down so that you choose the right dress – the one that makes you look fabulous and is guaranteed to turn heads? It is all in your personal “Colours” and “Styles.”

At Your Colours we don’t want to just ‘style’ you, we want to teach you how to use your colours and apply this to style and make-up so you can become your own best personal stylist. We offer four services to achieve this result:

  • Your Colours – Our 2 hour assessment determines which colours enhance your unique skin tone and create that special glow. By wearing your colours, both in clothes and make-up you can enhance your natural beauty. This consult includes a complimentary make-up application from our customised brand Your Colours Cosmetics plus you will take home a goody bag including one of our exclusive colour guides, tailored to your personal colour palette, to assist with shopping for clothes.
  • Your Styles – During our two and half hour assessment, we establish your style personality and which styles suit you the best based on your unique measurements and body proportions. This includes necklines, sleeve types and lengths, dress cuts, skirt types and lengths, trouser styles and so on.  We also determine which fabrics and print types are best for you. We look at hats, accessories and spectacles/sunglasses. You take all of this information home in your own personalised Styles booklet.
  • Wardrobe Sort Out – This is where you confront your wardrobe! It is time to look at which colours and styles do belong and which don’t.  Our wardrobe specialist visits your house and begins with a thorough pre-interview. Based on results, she will help to work out your wardrobe based on your unique colours and styles. The result is a coordinated wardrobe plan utilising items you already have and a shopping list for what is needed. 
  • Choosing what’s right for you – it takes some practice to learn how to use your colour palette and styles booklet.  We suggest, firstly, taking your colour palette with you to the shops and practice spotting your colours.  Remember, you are not limited to the colours on your Colour Guide. You can go shades lighter or darker. It is the tone that is important. As a general rule, if you put your colour guide up to an item of clothing and the colour blends with a colour on your palette then it is likely to be ‘your colour.’ When you feel confident with this, pick a style from your booklet such as an ’empire’ style dress and look for this in your colours.  You can practice doing this with all of your styles – trousers, shirts, jackets and so on.  Before you know it, you will become a whizz at spotting ‘your’ clothes.  If you feel like you need some help, we offer a shopping service where we can demonstrate how to spot those colours and styles and also provide an experience with many clothes pre-selected just for you based on your pre-interview results.
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