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What are Your Colours?

We are all blessed with a unique skin tone, hair colour and eye colour combination based on the genes we inherit from our parents. Learning how to complement your skin tone with the correct palette of colours is the key to beauty and our area of specialty.

During our two hour colours consultation we demonstrate how colour tone can literally light up your face, creating a radiant glow or dull down your skin tone potentially emphasising lines and blemishes, darkening the under eye area or making you look washed out or older. 

Based on this assessment, our consultant will determine which seasonal palette you belong to. Each palette has the full range of colours but it is the shade, tone and intensity which differ. We teach you the key characteristics of your season, show you how to use your swatch when looking at clothes, how to mix and match colours and how to accessorise with colours.

Once your colour analysis is complete, you will receive a free make-up tutorial using colours from your colour palette. Your Colours has its own range of exclusive make-up, Your Colours Cosmetics,  especially designed to compliment the four seasonal palettes. Make-up used during the consult is available to purchase in a Starter Kit or individually. We also have an online store which carries an extensive range of products  with a unique feature to select your season so you know the products you choose are ‘your’ colours.

At the end of your colours consultation, we provide you with a colour swatch to use when shopping for clothes plus a goody bag with a free link to our colour spotting tutorial, an information sheet describing the characteristics of  your colour season and a special discount voucher towards your next consult. We also offer unlimited complimentary follow up. If you have any questions, you are welcome to email into the salon, telephone or even text photos if you are unsure of a colour tone. We are happy to help.

At Your Colours we don’t want to just ‘style’ you, we want to teach you how to use your colours and apply this to style and make-up so you can become your own best personal stylist. Our colours consultation is the first step in our 4 step styling journey (we find doing each step separately is a better way to do it. It means you can let the information absorb after each consult, get a bit of practice and write down questions you forgot to ask). Our four step journey consists of: Colours (2 hours), Styles (2 1/2 hours), Wardrobe (4 hours) and Personal Shopping Trip (4 hours includes 1 hour research and pre-shop time and 3 hour shop trip).

We can’t say it better than our clients. This is how Australian actress, Freya Tingley, describes her experience at Your Colours: 

‘I held in my hands the very technology for knowing, with 100% certainty, which colours suited me and which didn’t and therefore had the key to walking into a room and creating that “wow” factor!’ …‘Knowing ‘your’ colours is the one thing which makes the difference between your eyes looking dull or bright, your skin glowing or looking pasty, your hair seeming rich or murky and whether you walk into a room and look as good as everyone else or if you create that WOW factor!’

Your colours gave me the confidence to find the perfect wedding dress

I had my colours and styles completed for my wedding. Your colours gave me the confidence to find the perfect wedding dress. Then on my big day, Your Colours came to my house and did not only my makeup but also my bridal party including my mum and mum in law. I’d recommend Your Colours to all my friends and family. I carry the colour booklet they gave me around in my handbag and use it every time I go shopping.


I now find it so much easier to go shopping

I LOVED getting my colours and styles done at Your Colours. I also chose to do the shopping. It was so nice to go shopping with someone who knew what suited me and just brought me stuff in to try on so I didn’t have to leave the change room. I now find it so much easier to go shopping and save sooo much money and time not browsing through and buying things I don’t love and don’t suit me. I’ve convinced my friends to get theirs done and they loved it too. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone.


The single best thing I have done for myself

The single best thing I have done for myself and in turn my two daughters. I’m certain it has saved us a small fortune by not purchasing wrong colours or styles. My daughters both in their early twenties now shop for clothing with confidence knowing that what they purchase really does suit them….awesome experience for all of us!


The Best Money I’ve Spent

I had my colours done in 2002 and it was the best money I’ve spent. It opened up a whole new world of colour for me & especially changed my views on makeup and hair colour. I’ve never felt better and more confident in my colour choices and regularly get complimented on my colours and how well I look (even when unwell or tired!!). I’ve also seen the amazing difference it has made for my many friends and family who’ve also used the service. It’s so much fun to shop together and share what we’ve seen in the shops that would suit one or the other. I love the makeup, the value for money in the kit and the ease of ordering over the phone and having orders sent to my regional address.


Loved the pampering and attention

Loved the pampering and attention – walked out of the salon feeling like a new woman with the world at my feet!


I would recommend it to everyone

Had my colours done in November 2018. Had thought about it for years but never quite made it! What a wonderful experience. Being a very senior lady, in years, not mind, I was a bit nervous but Jenna made the whole experience so exciting.
I would recommend it to everyone.


Good long-lasting clothes with the assurance that you look good in them

Your Colours allows you to confidently buy good long-lasting clothes with the assurance that you look good in them and that they will not be a wasted investment.

It is easier to experiment with wild colours that you would never think to wear before seeing the people at Your Colours. Makes you eye-catching and not just another face in the crowd.


It makes choosing outfits so much easier

I didn’t really know how wearing certain colours would make a difference but I was so wrong. Going through the consult and seeing how different seasons change the tones of your skin and facial features, I was amazed! I came straight home to clear out my wardrobe and make way for the summer tones. It makes choosing outfits so much easier and travelling is a breeze now!


People always comment on how lovely I look

I had my colours done at Your Colours twenty years ago and I haven’t looked back. I am a Spring and when I wear the warm, delicate colours of spring, especially my favourites of apricots, coral pinks and creams, I receive so many compliments. People always comment on how lovely I look in “that colour.” Shopping is so easy now. I literally walk into a shop, scan the clothes’ racks and if my colours don’t jump out at me, I leave and go elsewhere.

I highly recommend having a colours consultation. It is enlightening and you will feel wonderful from the experience.


An experience of a lifetime – that lasts a lifetime

It was like a whole new world opened up for me.  No more “are you okay dear…”, instead it was “wow, you look so well…”.Thank you Your Colours for your amazing contribution, guidance and assistance. I highly recommend to have your colours done to anyone wishing to understand this incredible concept and start living your true colours and your true stunning look.

“It is an experience of a lifetime – that lasts a lifetime”.


I am constantly complimented on particular colours that I wear

I had my colours done several years ago and haven’t looked back. Knowing what colours suit me and what colours don’t has enabled me to shop with confidence. I am constantly complimented on particular colours that I wear, and I know it’s because it’s the right shade of colour for me. I was so inspired that I bought vouchers for my girlfriends and they now shop with a new mindset. I wish I had my colours done in my early twenties , I would have saved myself years of wearing the wrong colours and even the wrong styles.


I was grateful for the expertise given to me

Because my mother was thoughtful enough to get my colours done when I was a teenager I know that I will never have to look at embarrassing photos.

Your Colours were especially helpful in picking out my dress for year 12 ball. With such an expensive purchase for such a memorable moment in my life, I was grateful for the expertise given to me by Your Colours.

Thank you Your Colours


When you wear your right colours you come alive!

I got my colours and styles done at Your Colours, Perth when I was just 19. It was the best money I’ve ever spent! I thought I knew what suited me until I had them done and boy what a difference I could see it made when my correct colours were shown to me! When you wear your right colours you come alive! Your skin shines, your eyes pop and you feel fantastic!  Now at age 46 the only makeup I ever use is from Your Colours as I know the colours are correct and match well together with everything I wear. It’s affordable and lasts ages and the ladies in the salon are always so helpful! You actually save so much money when you know your correct clothing and makeup colours as you get it right the first time! I often get compliments on my colours suiting me and on my makeup.


I bought my dream dress very easily

Knowing exactly what colour and style to go for narrowed down the options and meant that I bought my dream dress very easily. I never wavered on my choice and felt so special on my wedding day, knowing that I looked my best with the dress, makeup and hair colour. I can only highly recommend the service as the best value investment you can make on your fashion future.


Having my colour swatches made it so easy

Following my consultation, I hit the shops – having my colour swatches made it so easy! I whizzed around the shops and everything looked amazing. I am not sure if my bank balance is going to thank me but I most certainly do!

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