Colours is not just for women.  The same principles apply.  We all have a unique skin  tone, based on the genes we inherit from our parents.  Wearing the wrong colours can enhance blemishes and darken the under-eye area. It can also make you look washed out and tired.  Wearing the right colours can literally make you glow.

It is the difference between blending in with the crowd or standing out and making heads turn.

Not only that, but it creates confidence within yourself and makes a great impression with your peers and at work.

We offer two services for men.

  • Colours Consultation – This is a one hour consultation where we assess which colours suit you the best based on your unique skin tone. You will receive a complimentary colour guide to assist you when shopping for clothes.  We also offer style advice such as best pattern styles and density and which spectacle/sunglasses shapes suit you the best.
  • Personal Shopping – This is a one or two hour shopping trip. You name your budget and what type of clothes you are interested in buying – work, leisure, going out and so on. Our personal shopper will meet you, at a pre-determined shopping centre or the city, if you prefer, and she will select out clothes for you based on your colours and styles.  If you are not a great fan of clothes shopping then this service is for you. 

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