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What are Your Styles?

Once you have practised spotting your colours in the shops, fashion shopping becomes a breeze.  No more endless ruffling through rack after rack of clothing – not really knowing what you are looking for or which items you should pull out and try on.  You can walk into a shop, scan through the racks of clothes and your colours will literally pop out at you, or not.  You will know instantly if it’s worth spending time in a shop or moving on to the next one.  However, fashion and dressing isn’t just about colour.  It’s about style too.

To ensure you have the complete picture, where your own personal styling is concerned, we recommend following your Colours consultation with a Styles consultation.

We will help you to discover your own ‘unique’ style – that style which makes you feel confident both inside and out. Sometimes, due to circumstance, we adapt our styling to a situation and no longer feel that we can be true to the image which inspires us. Sometimes, we even forget what that image is or resign ourselves to never being able to achieve it. With ‘Your Colours’ colours and styling service, you can re-discover YOU.

The first, and probably most important step, is to discover your style personality. Which styles do you gravitate towards – Flowy romantic? Structured? Classic? and so on? Which styles do you feel comfortable in? Which styles have you dreamed of wearing but never dared? These are some of the questions we ask, during our initial interview, to establish ‘your’ style personality. We follow this with our two hour styles consultation where we assess bone structure and body shape to establish your most complimentary clothing styles, fabrics, hairstyles and accessories including spectacles and hats. This includes an assessment of:

  • Necklines e.g. round neck, v neck, polo neck, sweetheart neck, boat neck etc.
  • Collar type
  • Shoulder style
  • Sleeve length e.g. ¾ sleeve, sleeveless etc.
  • Sleeve type e.g. raglan sleeve, puffed sleeve etc.
  • Shirt/blouse length and type
  • Jacket and coat length
  • Skirt length and style
  • Trouser length and style
  • Dress length and style
  • Most flattering waistlines e.g. high waist, drop waist etc.
  • Belt type e.g. narrow or wide

Building your wardrobe with the correct colours and styles means you can mix and match thus creating numerous different outfits. To help you with this, you will also receive a personalised booklet including the results of your pre-interview and styles, tailored to your bone structure/body shape. Your colour swatch and style guide are your tools to use when shopping for clothes and in your journey to becoming your own best personal stylist 

I now find it so much easier to go shopping

I LOVED getting my colours and styles done at Your Colours. I also chose to do the shopping. It was so nice to go shopping with someone who knew what suited me and just brought me stuff in to try on so I didn’t have to leave the change room. I now find it so much easier to go shopping and save sooo much money and time not browsing through and buying things I don’t love and don’t suit me. I’ve convinced my friends to get theirs done and they loved it too. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone.


I bought my dream dress very easily

Knowing exactly what colour and style to go for narrowed down the options and meant that I bought my dream dress very easily. I never wavered on my choice and felt so special on my wedding day, knowing that I looked my best with the dress, makeup and hair colour. I can only highly recommend the service as the best value investment you can make on your fashion future.


Your colours gave me the confidence to find the perfect wedding dress

I had my colours and styles completed for my wedding. Your colours gave me the confidence to find the perfect wedding dress. Then on my big day, Your Colours came to my house and did not only my makeup but also my bridal party including my mum and mum in law. I’d recommend Your Colours to all my friends and family. I carry the colour booklet they gave me around in my handbag and use it every time I go shopping.


When you wear your right colours you come alive!

I got my colours and styles done at Your Colours, Perth when I was just 19. It was the best money I’ve ever spent! I thought I knew what suited me until I had them done and boy what a difference I could see it made when my correct colours were shown to me! When you wear your right colours you come alive! Your skin shines, your eyes pop and you feel fantastic!  Now at age 46 the only makeup I ever use is from Your Colours as I know the colours are correct and match well together with everything I wear. It’s affordable and lasts ages and the ladies in the salon are always so helpful! You actually save so much money when you know your correct clothing and makeup colours as you get it right the first time! I often get compliments on my colours suiting me and on my makeup.


The single best thing I have done for myself

The single best thing I have done for myself and in turn my two daughters. I’m certain it has saved us a small fortune by not purchasing wrong colours or styles. My daughters both in their early twenties now shop for clothing with confidence knowing that what they purchase really does suit them….awesome experience for all of us!

Your Colours Styles Consult

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