Personal Shopping

What is our Personal Shopping Experience?

If you find clothes shopping a chore, then our Personal Shopping service is for you. Our personal shopper will take you on a two hour fashion extravaganza where she will select a wardrobe just for you.  All you have to do is tell our experienced personal shopper what type of wardrobe you want – business, casual, going out (or all three) – and your budget and she will do the rest. Many clients comment on how they were pleasantly surprised by the clothes selections. Some of the clothes, which they previously would never have considered trying on, looked fabulous. 

I now find it so much easier to go shopping

I LOVED getting my colours and styles done at Your Colours. I also chose to do the shopping. It was so nice to go shopping with someone who knew what suited me and just brought me stuff in to try on so I didn’t have to leave the change room. I now find it so much easier to go shopping and save sooo much money and time not browsing through and buying things I don’t love and don’t suit me. I’ve convinced my friends to get theirs done and they loved it too. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone.