Personal Shopping Experience

Service Length: 4 hours

This is a stand alone service or a great way to tie together all that you have learned on your  personal styling journey. 

We start off with an interview via zoom, over the telephone or preferably in the luxury of our salon over a cup of tea. Here we determine what your shopping goals are, what sort of clothes you need and most importantly the overall purpose – is it a complete image re-vamp, a return to work wardrobe, shopping for a new body shape or simply returning to your roots and expressing yourself through what you wear. We look at what you already have in your wardrobe then we formulate a plan to achieve your wardrobe goals. This, of course, includes a shopping list! If you have had the pleasure of our wardrobe audit service then the initial interview will be a brief review.

You have the choice of either a shopping centre/city tour or a boutique tour or a bit of both.  Before we take you shopping, we research and visit shops and boutiques which fit the brief. We organise garments in advance so that your shopping experience is smoothe and you go home with an armful of clothes to complete your image makeover.  

Last, but not least, we take you shopping!

I now find it so much easier to go shopping

I LOVED getting my colours and styles done at Your Colours. I also chose to do the shopping. It was so nice to go shopping with someone who knew what suited me and just brought me stuff in to try on so I didn’t have to leave the change room. I now find it so much easier to go shopping and save sooo much money and time not browsing through and buying things I don’t love and don’t suit me. I’ve convinced my friends to get theirs done and they loved it too. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone.

Personal Shopping Trip
Personal shopping trip
Personal Shopping Trip

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