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Your Colours is an image consultancy firm which specialises in personal styling and shopping trips

Everyone has a unique skin tone, based on the genes we inherit from our parents.  Wearing the wrong colours can cause you to look older, emphasise lines and blemishes, darken the under-eye area or make you look washed out. At Your Colours, our image consultants are trained to determine the colours which enhance YOUR skin tone and bring out your own natural beauty.

Establishing your personal colour range is the first part of creating your unique image. Once you become an expert at spotting your colours, it makes shopping easy. However, colours really is only the beginning of working out your new wardrobe.  What about style? It is true that the right colour will make you glow but team that up with the right style and you will turn an average outfit into stunning.

Our personal styling service is about assessing your body shape and establishing your most complimentary clothing styles, fabrics, hairstyles and accessories. From your key measurements, our consultant can determine the best styles for you to wear from necklines, collar types and shoulder styles to sleeve length, skirt length, dress styles and much more.

Building your wardrobe with the correct colours and styles means you can mix and match thus creating numerous different outfits. To help you with this, you will receive a personalised Colour Guide and Styles Wallet, tailored to your best colours and styles.

If you find clothes shopping a chore, our personal shopper can take you on a two hour fashion extravaganza where she will select a wardrobe just for you.  All you have to do is tell her what type of wardrobe you want – business, casual, going out (or all three) – and your budget then she will do the rest. Many clients comment on how they are pleasantly surprised by the clothes selections. Some of the clothes, which they previously would never have considered trying on, looked fabulous. 

Your personal colour range is not just about the clothes you wear but also the make-up. It is especially important to have the right colours close to your face. It is the difference between looking washed out or radiant.  Your Colours has has its own range of exclusive make-up especially designed to compliment the four seasonal colour palettes. This is available from our salon or our online store.  

Your wedding day is your day to shine. You want to emanate that unique beauty which brides are renowned for. At Your Colours we help answer the question – which colour – white, cream or ivory? Which style – off the shoulder, long sleeve, empire line, a-line, full skirt and so on? What hairstyle? Which colour and style for the bridesmaids? We have a unique bundle of packages for the bride, mother of the bride and bridal party to help you make the right decisions on colours and styles.

At Your Colours, we are passionate about helping men and women gain the confidence to experiment with colour and style, possibly outside their usual comfort zone, to achieve their best look.

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The single best thing I have done for myself

The single best thing I have done for myself and in turn my two daughters. I’m certain it has saved us a small fortune by not purchasing wrong colours or styles. My daughters both in their early twenties now shop for clothing with confidence knowing that what they purchase really does suit them….awesome experience for all of us!


I now find it so much easier to go shopping

I LOVED getting my colours and styles done at Your Colours. I also chose to do the shopping. It was so nice to go shopping with someone who knew what suited me and just brought me stuff in to try on so I didn’t have to leave the change room. I now find it so much easier to go shopping and save sooo much money and time not browsing through and buying things I don’t love and don’t suit me. I’ve convinced my friends to get theirs done and they loved it too. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone.


The Best Money I’ve Spent

I had my colours done in 2002 and it was the best money I’ve spent. It opened up a whole new world of colour for me & especially changed my views on makeup and hair colour. I’ve never felt better and more confident in my colour choices and regularly get complimented on my colours and how well I look (even when unwell or tired!!). I’ve also seen the amazing difference it has made for my many friends and family who’ve also used the service. It’s so much fun to shop together and share what we’ve seen in the shops that would suit one or the other. I love the makeup, the value for money in the kit and the ease of ordering over the phone and having orders sent to my regional address.