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hen was the last time somebody said “you look wonderful”?

If it’s been a while, it’s possible that you’re not doing everything you could to enhance your best features! Clothing should balance and harmonise with your body shape, size and facial features – it should look as though it belongs on you.


Learn how to flatter you body shape and look your very best.

Most of us have never been taught what to look for when we choose clothing. By having guidelines within which to work, you can be sure of wearing exactly what is right for you and really look your best. The trick is to dress in styles that compliment your figure and disguise figure faults to give you a younger, fresher look.


A Your Styles consultation details body shape and proportions and how to disguise figure faults. Detailed advice includes lengths, shapes, styles, necklines, hairstyles, prints, accessory sizes and much more. You also receive a wallet with sketch details of all your best styles.


These services are useful to women of all ages – young working girls can avoid expensive mistakes and the mature women will discover a more flattering look.


A Style consultation will ensure that your next purchase will be a favourite, and that you will feel confident and attractive in the clothes you wear. You will save time and money and always look your best.


What to wear- what not to wear, we can help you find the answer. Contact Your Colours Perth on (08) 9325 2865 for more information, or use our Contact Page.