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How many times have you bought a bargain only to discover a ‘mistake’?

Have you ever returned home with a dress or lipstick only to find it wasn’t quite as nice as you thought? Now there is a solution for these and other problems you may have with your wardrobe.


Our Shop Savvy service is an investment in your future image.

Once you have received a Colours or Styles consultation, our Shop Savvy service is the answer. It is a two hour service and quite possibly our most rewarding. You will learn how to shop more efficiently, recognise your colours and styles faster, and acquire a basic wardrobe that mixes and matches, based on your budget.


One of our experienced image consultants will join you on a personal shopping trip in Perth City. First your budget is established. Then we take you to the best boutiques within your price range and assist you to use what you have learned to pick out essential wardrobe pieces that fit your personal styles and colours.


With our Shop Savvy service, you’ll see firsthand the difference that selecting the correct jewellery, clothing and accessories makes to your appearance. Our image consultant will be by your side to provide advice and assist you with any difficult choices, increasing your confidence in making purchases that enhance your wardrobe.


Our Shop Savvy service is an investment in your future image. Save money and get hands on experience in steering away from fashion mistakes and finding wardrobe gems.